Orchard Harvest 2023

The last Orchard conference, Orchard Harvest, was in New York in 2017. Based on the current economic situation and personal feedback, we will be holding our first online Orchard Harvest starting on the 31st of May at 1 PM UTC. If you're unsure when that is in your local time zone, check out World Time Buddy.

Just like the last Harvest, it’s going to be a great opportunity to share knowledge, talk about development plans and ideas, and foremost, meet the rest of the worldwide community.

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Andrii Chebukin profile pic

Andrii Chebukin

F# tech lead in Lula Technologies Inc., co-founder of The Secret Circle Solutions, lecturer in IT Step computer academy, Azure architect, maintainer of Elmish.Uno F# framework for Uno Platform, co-author of Surface Dial Tools and GuidFac extensions for Visual Studio.

Dávid El-Saig profile pic

Dávid El-Saig

A software engineer at Lombiq and the project leader of the Orchard Core Commerce development team.

Hisham Bin Ateya profile pic

Hisham Bin Ateya

Core contributor of Orchard Core, maintainer of Orchard Core Contrib and lecturer at Al-Rayan & Al-Arab Universities. His main expertise is localization. Hisham did massive localization contributions in many OSS such ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Docs, Orchard Core, Oqtane Framework and SimplCommerce, etc.

Peyton McManus profile pic

Peyton McManus

Founder and president of Instant Technologies. Instant technologies has been providing IM, and chat based, enterprise applications since 2001. Instant has developed more than 10 enterprise applications across a variety of platforms (Sametime, Notes, Skype, Slack, MS Teams, O365). Prior to starting Instant, Peyton was a product manager, and developer, at Lotus\IBM including an onsite assignment at SAP.

Sebastien Ros profile pic

Sébastien Ros

Developer at Microsoft, benevolent dictator of Orchard Core.

Sipke Schoorstra profile pic

Sipke Schoorstra

Sipke Schoorstra is a software developer with a focus on .NET software development and architecture. Between 2010 and 2016, Sipke made valuable contributions to the Orchard project. Additionally, he is known as the creator of Elsa Workflows, an open-source .NET library for creating workflows-enabled applications.

Zoltán Lehóczky profile pic

Zoltán Lehóczky

Co-founder and managing director of Lombiq His main expertise is in .NET software development and software architecture design. Active in open-source, core contributor of Orchard Core, guest lecturer at Óbuda University, John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics.


Please welcome the below selection of awesome talks by community members. Your host for the day will be Viktória Magyar, who's the main organizer of Harvest.

After each session, we'll have a few minutes of Q&A, and then a quick 5-minute break.

All sessions will be recorded and published on the Orchard YouTube channel after the event, so even if you can't make it live, you'll be able to see the sessions. However, being there live will allow you to ask the speakers, as well as talk with other community members during the Breakout Sessions.

  • Opening


    1:00 PM-1:05 PM UTC

    We get everyone settled and open the conference.

  • Sebastien Ros profile pic


    1:05 PM-1:55 PM UTC

    Mostly jokes, not sure which ones yet.

  • Andrii Chebukin profile pic

    Using Orchard Core Framework for multi-tenancy apps

    2:00 PM-2:40 PM UTC

    What is muti-tenancy? How doest it work in Orchard Core? Setting up another tenant. Per-tenant settings and services. Configuring the tenant URL. How to call one tenant from another one?

  • Zoltan Lehoczky profile pic

    Automated QA for Orchard Core apps

    2:45 PM-3:40 PM UTC

    Are you sure your Orchard Core app is still working after the last commit? Manual testing is always necessary, but automated Quality Assurance is a must. In this talk, we’ll go through the lines of defense that you can utilize to ensure that your app doesn’t break. You’ll see how you can use open-source tools in the following areas: CI builds, static code analysis, unit and UI testing, telemetry collection.

  • Peyton Mcmanus profile pic

    Leveraging Orchard to rebuild, and reimagine, our enterprise service desk application

    3:45 PM-4:40 PM UTC

    18 months ago, I decided that our chat based service desk application required an overhaul. Our new application would be multi-tenant, SAAS, include a CMS, and enable us to quickly onboard new customers. This session will discuss why we selected Orchard, how our team has leverage Orchard to rebuild, and re-imagine, our application, and how we will continue to leverage Orchard for our next set of features. Our current customers are large, multi-national corporations with employees and service desk agents across multiple countries, languages, and continents.

  • Breakout

    Breakout Sessions

    4:45 PM-5:45 PM UTC

    Your chance to meet the speakers and other community members. Each speaker will have a breakout room where you can ask questions and discuss the topic of their talk, or anything else Orchard Core related.

  • Hisham Bin Ateya profile pic

    Orchard Core Localization from Zero to Hero

    5:50 PM-7:00 PM UTC

    This talk will explore different parts of localization stuff in Orchard Core. We'll go through the process of how to make the app localization ready, then extract and manage the localization resources then using various localization services and UI components. After that, we'll look how to localize the content of your website. Finally, we might cover some of the future features including data localization.

  • David El-Saig profile pic

    E-Commerce with Orchard Core

    7:05 PM-8:00 PM UTC

    Orchard Core Commerce is the e-commerce solution or Orchard Core. It's the spiritual successor to Nwazet Commerce for Orchard 1. This talk will describe the project's state and demo the current features.

  • Sipke Schoorstra profile pic

    Elsa Workflows

    8:05 PM-9:00 PM UTC

    Join me for an exploration of Elsa Workflows, an innovative workflow engine derived from Orchard Core's Workflows module. This session will provide an overview of Elsa's features, compare it to OC Workflows, and discuss integration possibilities. Discover Elsa's visual designer, code-based workflows, versioning capabilities, composite activities, and sub workflows. Uncover the similarities and differences between OC and Elsa Workflows, and learn about Elsa's origins as an independent class library project. Gain insights into seamlessly integrating Elsa back into Orchard Core, combining the best of both worlds. Join me as we unlock the potential of Elsa Workflows and enhance Orchard Core with its remarkable capabilities.

  • Closing

The Organizer Team

The team organizing Orchard Harvest 2023 consists of long-time Orchard community members working on providing you with a great event.